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Interview: Figma’s CEO on life after the company’s failed sale to Adobe

Figma has a billion dollars and big plans for expansion as it emerges from the acquisition with its ‘foot on the gas.’


Breakit: Nya affärer på gång för Flat Capital: “Dragit ut på tiden”

Paret Siemiatkowskis noterade investeringsbolag har legat ganska lågt under det senaste halvåret. Men nu har Flat Capital flera nya affärer på gång.


Creating video from text: OpenAI introduce Sora, their text-to-video model

Sora is an AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. Sora can generate videos up to a minute long while maintaining visual quality and adherence to the user’s prompt.


FT: OpenAI on track to hit $2bn revenue milestone as growth rockets

OpenAI’s revenues have surpassed $2bn on an annualised basis, as the runaway success of its flagship artificial intelligence product ChatGPT puts it among the fastest-growing technology companies in history.


Getir names new CEO at FreshDirect - Grocery Dive

Rapid delivery firm Getir announced Monday it has named Hatice Evren as its US Group CEO of Getir and FreshDirect, and Sloan Eddleston as CEO of ...

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EFN Marknad - Interview with Hanna, CEO of Flat Capital

I programmet berättar Hanna Wachtmeister även mer om Flat Capitals investeringsstrategi, om vilka trender de följer med störst intresse just nu och om hur investeringsklimatet ser ut när det gäller onoterade bolag för tillfället.



Power Women in Tech: meeting Hanna Wachtmeister, CEO of Flat Capital

In this summer episode, we are joined by Hanna Wachtmeister, CEO of Flat Capital. Together with Hanna we discuss Work-Life balance, the weight of norms and how to free yourself from them in the best way. How to dare to take chances that come your way and Hanna's own journey with the investment company Flat Capital.



Upplyst podcast - Hanna Wachtmeister CEO at Flat on VC investments for everyone

Flat Capital, with Hanna Wachtmeister as CEO and Sebastian and Nina Siemiatkowski as founders, is an investment company that wants to offer the stock market something new and different. In our conversation with Hanna, we dig deeper into Flat's business concept, its investments and its plans for the future.

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