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Klarna säljer sin kassalösning i storaffär

Klarna säljer sin kassalösning, som var med och lade grunden till bolagets framgångar i Sverige, för en total prislapp om 3,4 miljarder kronor. Köpare är en grupp svenska entreprenörer som leds av Kamjar Hajabdolahi.


Apple is putting ChatGPT in Siri for free later this year

Apple is partnering with OpenAI to put ChatGPT into Siri, the company announced at its wwdc 2024 keynote on Monday.


OpenAI welcomes Sarah Friar (CFO) and Kevin Weil (CPO)

OpenAI has grown into a global organization serving hundreds of millions of consumers, millions of developers and the world’s largest companies. To make continued progress on our mission, we are doubling down on the things we have always done uniquely well: conducting world-leading research, and using it as the foundation to build and safely deploy AI products.


Mistral AI and Harvey Partnership

”Together, we hope to support our clients as they navigate the rapidly evolving landscape that is generative AI. We believe that more partnerships, more transparency, and ultimately more trust is the only path forward given the complexity of the times ahead. We are honored to partner with Mistral AI.”


OpenAI announcing GPT-4o, their new flagship model that can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time

GPT-4o (“o” for “omni”) is a step towards much more natural human-computer interaction—it accepts as input any combination of text, audio, and image and generates any combination of text, audio, and image outputs. It can respond to audio inputs in as little as 232 milliseconds, with an average of 320 milliseconds, which is similar to human response time(opens in a new window) in a conversation. It matches GPT-4 Turbo performance on text in English and code, with significant improvement on text in non-English languages, while also being much faster and 50% cheaper in the API. GPT-4o is especially better at vision and audio understanding compared to existing models.


Nordstjernan och Flat Capital investerar i USA-svenskens bolag

Nordstjernan har tillsammans med Flat Capital och en rad andra investerare investerat i Oden Technologies, ett data- och ai-mjukvaruföretag för tillverkningsindustrin. Bakom bolaget, som har sin bas i New York, står svensken Willem Sundblad.