We are a bit like the Earth:
Round, happy and full of opportunities.

But you can call us FLAT.

We fund dedicated founders and entrepreneurs.

Today’s conventional investment industry is characterized by multiple fee layers and short-term time horizons. This setup often limits value creation, instead creating headaches for entrepreneurs and negatively affecting the long-term return to investors.

In contrast, our idea is simply to fund dedicated founders and entrepreneurs full of passion, offering patience and transparency in return. And we do everything to keep our running costs as low as possible for our investors. No hidden fees. Just long-term trust. As well as a unique, global network of investment opportunities.

Our value proposition.

  • Our investments are long-term, because building good things take time. 

  • Our running costs are low, because money should be spent where it creates the most value.

  • Our network is unique and global, making otherwise inaccessible investments accessible for everyone.

  • Last but absolutely not least, our approach is hands-off. Because we trust the dedicated, committed, resilient, passionate, smart, devoted, hard-working, daring, engaging, bright, bold, resourceful, dynamic, determined (should we go on?) founders and entrepreneurs we fund to do what’s right for their companies. 

So, that’s pretty much it. We’re not fancy about what we do.
We are Flat.

Who we’re dedicated to.

At Flat, we have many reasons to get personal. In a positive way. These are the companies we fund, businesses that have an important thing in common: Outstanding founders and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their brilliant minds and beating hearts to run their companies.