We are a bit like the Earth: Round, happy, and full of opportunities.

You can call us FLAT.

We believe good things take time—and we have plenty of time. The investment industry has been categorised with tons of layers, each layer with it is own cost, many times with very little value creation, but still sipping off piece by piece of the investor's money. An industry with little room for big ideas and long-term trust.

We know that ideas often take years to mature and develop, and that being true long term can change the game. Our idea is simply to invest in founders full of passion and potential and offer patience and transparency in return. In addition, we will do everything to keep our costs as low as possible for our investors. We are Flat. And we believe more things should be.

Our game-changers.

The companies that are made by people who want to shape the future. They describe themselves better than anyone else, click on their logos to go to their websites.