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CEO Hanna participates in SVT program: I techjättarnas våld

The products of tech giants are taking up more and more space in our daily lives. At the same time, we users are getting more and more deeply involved in the companies' ecosystems. Tech giants are among the world's most highly valued companies and investors are flocking to the new technology. Is it possible to challenge companies like Microsoft and Apple? And what role will Sweden and Swedish companies play in the AI-driven economy? In the studio: Hanna Andreen, CEO of Flat Capital, Nicklas Hermansson, futurologist and Maria Landeborn, economist at Danske Bank. Program host: Ted Wigren.




Framtidens e-handel: Interview with Andreas Palm, co-founder of CDLP

CDLP's co-founder Andreas Palm visits the podcast Framtidens E-Handel and talks about his new private journey towards a more balanced life and how to ensure customer value. Andreas was previously featured in episode 121.



EFN Marknad - Interview with Hanna, CEO of Flat Capital

I programmet berättar Hanna Wachtmeister även mer om Flat Capitals investeringsstrategi, om vilka trender de följer med störst intresse just nu och om hur investeringsklimatet ser ut när det gäller onoterade bolag för tillfället.



Power Women in Tech: meeting Hanna Wachtmeister, CEO of Flat Capital

In this summer episode, we are joined by Hanna Wachtmeister, CEO of Flat Capital. Together with Hanna we discuss Work-Life balance, the weight of norms and how to free yourself from them in the best way. How to dare to take chances that come your way and Hanna's own journey with the investment company Flat Capital.



Upplyst podcast - Hanna Wachtmeister CEO at Flat on VC investments for everyone

Flat Capital, with Hanna Wachtmeister as CEO and Sebastian and Nina Siemiatkowski as founders, is an investment company that wants to offer the stock market something new and different. In our conversation with Hanna, we dig deeper into Flat's business concept, its investments and its plans for the future.



CEO Hanna attends the podcast "Onoterat & Ofiltrerat: Avsnitt 2" (Swedish)

In episode 2 of Onoterat & Unfilterat we meet Hanna Wachtmeister, CEO of Flat Capital AB. Hanna is ambitious and driven, yet humble. She has always worked hard and does not back down from a challenge. With two heavy board positions and a past at SEB, she has also managed to list Flat Capital AB, making her one of the youngest CEOs on the stock exchange. Where does her drive come from?!



Nordnet Live 2023: Nordnet Live 2023: Investment companies: How the savers' favorites perform (Swedish)

Panel discussion on the current investment climate, challenges and opportunities, and of course AI (with a special focus on OpenAI).



BBD Podden: OpenAI with Sebastian Siemiatkowski and Hanna Wachtmeister (Swedish)

A lot has happened this week. Sebastian Siemiatkowski and Hanna Wachtmeister invested in Open AI via Flat Capital this week. Open AI is behind the chatbot Chat GTP. We meet with them to hear more about how they see AI and what impact AI can have.



Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Klarna CEO, joins CNBC 'Closing Bell: Overtime'

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Klarna CEO, joins 'Closing Bell: Overtime' to discuss the company’s new plan for profitability



CEO Hanna attends #Uppesittarkväll with Omni Ekonomi (swedish)